Just like the other season where the house should be decorated based on the temperature, make sure that you deal with your winter decor too. For your advice there are some things that you can consider to do the decoration. Basically those things will be related with the warm feeling that you can bring to your house. Here we will show you some tips that you can do for your winter decoration.

Proper Fireplace

Talking about winter decoration, it won’t be far from the fireplace. It is because the fireplace is an important facility that can bring out the warm atmosphere into your room. Here, to make your fireplace has the impression of winter, then you can apply some ornament into the fireplace. The following pictures will surely give you inspiration to do the decoration.

Socks can be the best thing that you can apply for your winter decoration since it has the warm impression. Then, add it with evergreen decoration to strengthen winter impression.
The pinecones and pine leaves seem to be the best choice for your fireplace garland. You can add it with white socks for warmer impression.
Winter not only has green color as the theme. Here you can also use blue just like these blue balls that hung into the upper part of the fireplace.
The greenery garland looks really fresh with orange fruits decoration. If you love something fresh, then simply pick this design.
Stars and candles look really harmonious with this fireplace decoration. Especially with the white fireplace concept that will match well with the candles and stars colors.
This rustic style fireplace seems really match with the dried flower and foliage. Then, the candles make this fireplace looks more aesthetic.
The dried tree beside the fireplace looks really aesthetic with the gold balls. Then, the balls wreath will be surely harmonious with the tree.
This fireplace with its white color theme looks really match with the white decoration above it. Then, the greenery give the color not to make it looks boring.

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Warm Rug

The next tip that you can apply for your winter decoration is by putting the rug. Here, you can apply the rug into any room of your house that possible to be applied. For example, you can put the rug into your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Go check out the following rug applications that you can adapt.

This rug even only from the look can really bring the warm impression with its furry material. To make it perfect, you can combine it with other white furniture or ornament.
This animal fur can be a really warm rug for your winter. It is because the fur can provide such a warm and comfortable feeling into your feet.
The small furry rug combined with wool wider rug can bring out the beauty of the decoration. Add it with other ornament like candles.
There are two kinds of furry rug provided here. The main rug is the wider one near the sofa and fireplace. The the smaller one located near the stairs.

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This white and blue rug looks really match with winter since those two colors can really represent the season. Apply it into your white theme kitchen.
This rug has such a uniqur shape in circle. Although it might doesn’t have the furry or wool material but it is still really worthy and warm.

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This bedroom rug looks really unique for your kids’bedroom. With its color and pattern, you can really have it for the pretty rug inpression.
This rug has a simple material and style. However, you can choose it if you love the simplicity in the modern style.

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Sofa Blanket

It can’t be argued that living room becomes the most important public room in your house. In hence, to make sure that your guests and even your self could feel comfortable then add something warm into your sofa. In this case, the best thing that you can do is by adding the blanket into your sofa. There are some blankets that you can have for your sofa, go check these pictures out!

This red blanket looks really stand out applied into the brown sofa. You can have to combine between modern and farmhouse room style.
Without any doubt, this brown blanket must ne really warm. It will be really useful in case the snow is falling.
Beige crochet blanket with pretty pattern design that looks really harmonious with the beige cushion in red sofa.
This time, the crochet is in red color. Not to make the red color looks too much, you can combine it with any neutral color.
The blanket here has the match design with the cushion cover and the socks fireplace decoration. The harmonious look of this decoration is really worthy to adapt.
Look at how in varied the blanket applied in this room. Wihout any doubt, you can apply it as long as you don’t use too bright color not to make it looks too much.
The white blanket with furry material look really match with this white living room color scheme.
The white crochet blanket here looks really warm and calm on the same color sofa. You can apply it by adding the different shade rug not to make your room looks boring.

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After all, from all of the tips that we have shared to you, you can choose one of each main tip ideas. It is really worthy for you to consider your fireplace, rug, and blanket to bring the warmth into your home. What you need to do is adjusting the style choices so that everything could be harmonious with your home style.