22 Stunning Ways to Make Your Winter Decor Looks Expensive

Talking about winter decoration, you might only think about white or blue color schemes which are the most common for the season. However, those colors won’t be enough for you who love luxurious things. Here, you can definitely have a chance to turn your common winter decoration to look expensive. In this case, the things that you’ll apply won’t be different. All you have to do is just playing with the colors.

Shining Ornament

The first one that you can provide to bring the lux into your winter decoration is by having some shining ornaments. Here, the easiest way is giving your ornament the gold color. In case you have capability to create your own craft then just make sure that you prepare the gold paint color. But, if you prefer to buy the items, then simply choose the shining one. Hope that the following pictures can give you the ideas you need.

The foliage brushed into the gold color then arranged to be a wreath. You can apply it into your front door to welcome the guests.
Those gold stuffs commonly utilized to be the succulent planter or lighting. But here, you can simply put it by adding with sone other ornament.
In case you don’t like something too stand out, then this wreath could be your choice. You can combine your gold balls with the foliage and pinecones.
These copper triangle looks perfect with its shining look. Especially the hanging ornament with some different unique shapes which are really mesmerizing.
To create such a festive lux wreath, you can combine the foliage and gold balls with the gold ribbon and other fabric material.
With its unique shape, this ornament will look like the lantern. You can put the twig with branches inside your hone then hang this shining ornament.
Just like the previous ornament that utilize the twig, you can also apply the idea with this gold ball hanging ornament.
Gold and white could be the best combination for your winter lux ornament. Especially when you apply it with the evergreen above.

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Glorious Lighting

Since lighting will be the things that really effective to create such a glorious impression, the take concern in it. Here, to make sure that you have the right lighting, then you should choose the designs that can support the impression you need. Here we have some design ideas that may use for your lux winter home decoration.

Circle lighting in chopper material tied with string lamps which is really effectively creating the lux impression.
This star lighting idea looks even more luxurious with the golden and silver balls’ additional ornament.
Those some different chopper ornaments commonly used to be the succulent planter, but here you can utilize it as the lantern.

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Without any doubt, this supernova theme lighting is really glorious and festive. Have it and get the adorable lighting.
The colorful balls with golden color include into this lantern lighting can really give you the lux impression you need.

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These different size fairy lights look really adorable with the arrangement of the string lamps that look like thousand fireflies.
This mirror lighting decoration looks really gorgeous and glorious since the combination between the mirror frame, string lamp design, and other additional ornament are really harmonious.

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Lux Furniture

Besides for the ornament things, the furniture will be the other important thing to be considered. Here, the furniture will be an important part to facilitate your self and your guests in your home. For the examples of the luxurious furniture, we have prepared some of the references that you can utilise. Go check these pictures out.

Here the furniture use the combination of the wooden with farmhouse style and the sofa in modern style. Then, you can look at the fireplace that designed with such an expensive background.
This modern room style has the expensive sofa with a harmonious fireplace wall in black marble materials.
The spot that has the fire pit here designed with stage in wooden material. Then the sofa added with lighting under its surface which bring the lux into the room.
From the bar to the seats and fireplace, you can see how harmonious and lux the design concept is.
The sofa and coffee table paired with the high bookshelf give the classy look with its expensive value.
Look at how anti-mainstream the bar design. Especially when it is added with the fireplace with marble wall behind that will surely look expensive.
This room has all-white furniture from the table to the seats. You can really get the lux with the addition impression that the fireplace bring.

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Winter Decor Looks Expensive.

At last, from the ornament, lighting, and furniture you can combine those three ideas to create such an expensive winter design look. Anyway, don’t forget that you should combine the look and the style inharmonious way. Although the basic concept of each discussion we have here are the same, you still have to manage the arrangement of the plan well.