25 Bathroom Floor Design Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

There is a variety of bathroom tiles on the market; color, finish, size, shape, and style. So it is not a surprise that many people feel overwhelmed when selecting the perfect tile for your bathroom project. Whether it’s the renovation of an existing space or the new one, consider keeping size in mind. Weigh your options and select a size that works for your bathroom’s size and lifestyle.

Most bathrooms probably have a few different tiles that are used together to create a cohesive look that still has visual interest. Try and limit yourself to no more than three different tiles. Especially in smaller spaces because too many tile types, colors, and sizes will seem overwhelming—but often using one single tile begs for a little bit of variety through an accent tile with a different size, finish, or color. Now take a look at these 8 bathroom floor design ideas below to inspire you.

1. Blue Diamonds

Patterned floor with a white bathtub and white walls.

2. Gold Slate Tiles

Natural stone and rich gold blush.

3. Marble Tiles

A white cabinet, a white bathtub, two mirrors, and lighting.

4. Sea Green Pebble Tile

Small wooden chairs and a beige towel.

5. Matte Black Hexagons

Floor matte black with white walls and a shower.

6. Rustic Wood Tiles

Wood vinyl floor, a rattan chair with white walls and wood vanity.

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7.  Black and White Mediterranean

Patterned white and black floor with a white bathtub.

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8. Sea Pebble Tile

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White walls, wood cabinet, with a small window and a white bathtub.

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9. Random Tile Mix

White and black bathtub, wood cabinet with white walls and two round mirror.

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10. White and Wood Herringbone

White walls, white cabinet with lighting.

11. Hexagon Patterns

Small windows, white sink with shower.

12. Modern Grey Slate

Grey walls, a white bathtub with decoration wall.

13. Fishscale Cement Tiles

Dark and white bathtub, a small table with a mirror floor and a window.

14. Marble Squares

A wood cabinet, glass door with tree mirror and lighting.

15. Black and White Arabesque

Theme black and white with a bathtub and a window.

16. Black Herringbone Tiles

White brick walls, wood bench with shower.

17. Colored Triangles

A bathtub, white mantel with lighting and windows.

18. Black and White Chevron

Wood vinyl cabinet, a bathtub with grey walls and a sink.

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19. Stone Pavers

Cabinet, bathtub with lighting and white walls.

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20. White Bathroom Tiles

Drak and white walls with a white bathtub and hanging storage.

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21. Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue walls, a white bathtub with a small white sink and a small mirror.

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22. Class Bathroom Tiles

Patterned walls, white bathtub with lighting and small windows.

23. Marble Bathroom Tiles

Marble walls, black cabinet with hanging lamps and white closet.

24. Modern Bathroom Tiles

Shower, storage, white closet with white bathtub and decoration walls.

25. Cheap Bathroom Tiles

A white bathtub, a white sink, a small mirror with white cabinet and beige walls.

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Bathroom Floor Design Ideas.