Stairway may be small and narrow but it doesn’t mean that your stairway can’t get the same decorating treatments as other space of your house. So let’s decorate your staircase right away to give your entryway new look. To create a unique look, hang an antique portraits line in your stair wall. Lay down a stair runner to add pattern and interest to your steps.

Faux planked walls ideas; drew horizontal lines with a pencil in the stairwell to create the look of planked walls without the hassle or expense. Or try to number the stairs; stenciled numbers on plywood which nailed to the stair risers. You can also beautify the railing with a nautical rope that lends a hand as a witty alternative to the standard banister. If you need some ideas to remodel your stair, take a look at these 31 awesome stairway art remodel ideas below.

ladder of your house made of white wooden pallet to match
The stairs to the bedroom attic combine books
Polkadot pattern of fabric-coated stairs
this architectural staircase is both timeless and modern
this spiral staircase designed
traditional stairs, paint them predominantly black and then take a brush to add white paint
simple staircase like a wooden ladder to get to your room

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ladder of your house that uses a monochrome style
modern style staircase house covered with thick burlap rug
along the length of your house you present a large art work
your simple household stairs using wooden materials and then painted ombre
Neutral color that is presented by your household stairs is perfect for modern farmhouse homes
household ladder that applies the rug boho motif
walls on the stairs of your house are decorated with artwork
modern farmhouse in leopard motif rug lining
ladder of your house that applies the sailor style
classic staircase and part of the wall add some artwork to keep it quiet
white staircase that adds a patterned rug
industrial household stairs that only need wooden table and black iron material
farmhouse staircase that uses thick wooden and iron
modern farmhouse that uses white iron
simple household stairs use white and black to make it look minimalist
modern classic staircase and middle part added thick but soft rug
dark stairs of your house are presented and on the walls of the stairs of your house present large artwork so it is not empty
modern farmhouse that almost all furniture uses wooden pallet and presents a thick stripe rug

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