25 Inspiring Exterior House Wall Decorations

Many people are forget about the exterior. They are only concerned with how to make the inside of the house look beautiful. But the fact, the exterior walls also need just as much attention as the interior ones. Your outdoor will look more attractive and beautiful if they had some sort of decor on them.

You can do anything with your outdoor wall, from painting to hang a vertical garden and a lot of other things. It will complement the look of your outdoor space and holds a special meaning for you. There are so many easy and simple way to decor your outdoor. To inspire you, check out these inspiring exterior house wall decorations below.

DIY Trellis

Trellis made of privacy fence is very strategic then you can hang Rattan Basketball as your plant media
wooden trellis that you can apply to your garden which is used to propagate this beautiful purple flower
This unique trellis is made of wood and shaped like a pergola and you can present vines to make cool air
This black iron trellis can you apply to the entrance gate of your house then you give the iron vines
This simple trellis is made of wood that you make to propagate vegetables in your garden

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Feature Walls Pillars

feature walls pillars that are applied to your wall fence and give a little touch of light from neon to produce good lighting
You can apply the touch of the spotlight that you apply behind your big pot to get a slick lighting result
if you apply plants that are applied near the fence then you can reflect the light to make it look focused
if you apply a patterned wall fence as well as you present a spotlight that you bounce off of the concrete wall fence to make it look more memorable

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Flat Fence

This flat fence is made of wooden pallet and then you arrange it to produce a slick look
white fence made of cast concrete to make it look sturdy and elegant
a combination of fences that use wood and black iron material then you can apply rotating your home page
a simple fence for your backyard, you can use bamboo and then arrange it flawlessly
if the outside appearance of your house looks simple you should be able to apply a flat fence with wood bahn and give a touch of white
Black fence made of iron is highly recommended for your home to be a barrier

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Lighting Wall Art

This beautiful wall art lighting can be applied to landscaping your home to give an impressive appearance
lighting walls on your concrete fence choose a theme like a bamboo tree and look impressive
lighting wall for your garden should present a touch of beautiful flowers
wall lighting that looks elegant in the form of a rectangular pile and adds neon lights to produce good lighting
if you want to apply beautiful lighting to your friends you can apply it to your fence wall to make it look memorable

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Wall Hung Trellis

This simple trellis is made of wood and is applied to the side walls of your home
natural wooden trellis hung on the outdoor to spread pretty flowers
wooden trellis hung from the side wall of your house and shaped like a window
white wooden trellis hung from the walls of your house on the outside to grow plants
to bring vines you can present treilis with hung on the wall

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