Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. But before you start planting, consider the measuring of the sun exposure of your garden. There are two various sun exposures terms that you need to know. The first one is ‘full sun and the next one is ‘partial sun’ or ‘partial shade’.

Full sun means that the plant needs at least get 6 hours of direct sun. Partial sun or partial shade means that the plant needs at least 3-6 hours of direct sun. Regardless of it, how much sun it needs or will tolerate varies with the strength of the sun and on how much you water. Now check out these 28 awesome full sun plants and flower perennial ideas below to inspire you.

Beautiful Hydrangeas

beautiful flowers are suitable if you apply to the outside walls of your home
This beautiful hydrangeas by displaying purple color look beautiful for your garden
This fertile hydrangeas look beautiful if present in your garden

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Beautiful Yellow Flowers

types of yellow flowers whose middle part is black like sunflower will look bright for your garden
yellow flowers commonly called sunflowers look beautiful if you present to fill your home
yellow flowers like roses are suitable for decorating your home

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Biggest Shrubs Purple Reign

trees that blossom and display purple flowers look beautiful if you present them on the front page
a striking blend of purple flowers and then you move to a glass vase

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Drought Tolerant Ice Plant

beautiful flower inspiration for you to present in your garden
This type of flower looks beautiful if you present two touches of color
which like a sunflower looks colorful because it does not present a single color but a blend of colors

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Flowering Ground Cover Plants

Flowering ground cover plants You can replace the media with soil without using pots
Flowering ground cover plants also look beautiful and fertile even if you present one type of flower
Flowering ground cover plants look beautiful if you present them to decorate your garden

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Gorgeous Pink Roses

This pink roses looks beautiful if you present it on your front page
pink roses if you change the media by using a water reservoir that looks classic and can be applied
pink roses are beautiful as well as roses that are very suitable if you present on your home page
This beautiful pink roses are blossoming and in the middle there is a yellow essence
pink roses with a circular type that looks simple and looks beautiful

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Lavender Munstead Flower Seeds

This lavender flower looks neat if made together it will look crowded in your garden
Lavender flowers can be applied and you can function to ward off mosquitoes that are around your garden
Lavender is suitable for you to present in your backyard
This type of lavender is unique because it is white instead of purple as usual
a unique type of lavender suitable for you to apply to your backyard will give a different color

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Marvelous Flower Walls

This white rose is presented on the outer wall of the house
a variety of beautiful colorful flowers that you can apply to the walls of your home fence
if you want to bring a touch of various flowers using a media pot you should match
pink roses are suitable and look beautiful if you apply to the side walls of your home

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