28 Beautiful Japanese Flower Garden Ideas

If you are keen to bring simplicity and serenity to your garden and want something a bit different, consider the Japanese garden. The Japanese garden is often sparsely planted, so the space around the plants are as important as the plants themselves, and it will create the effect of a bigger garden. Stick to just a few plants for your Japanese garden, because in a Japanese garden, less is more. If your space has a good view, frame it with some choice Japanese maples because it often ‘borrow’ the landscape around them.

Make hard landscaping to your garden space include gravel, rocks, and stepping stones, and try tying pieces of bamboo together with twine to create Japanese-style fences. Japanese gardens often showcase the different shades of green and moss is used in many Japanese temple gardens, so encourage mossed to spread in nooks and crannies. The Japanese garden is used for contemplation, so be creative and create a space that is calming and serene. Check out these beautiful Japanese flower garden ideas below to inspire you.

This camellia japonica looks beautiful when you present it to your garden
inspiring your beautiful garden if attended by cherry cornus mas
one of the Japanese plants that presents bright colors such as Hosta
This hydrangea flower is very often found in Asian soil and is suitable for you to present in your garden
This iris plant from Japan looks beautiful if you plant it in your garden
if you apply a pond in this garden you can also present lutea and hybrids
if you present Sinensis wisteria it will look beautiful when spring comes
azalea rhododendron arrangement is suitable for your garden
bamboo fargesia and phyllostachys you can also present in your garden

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Beautiful and peaceful Japanese water garden. Complete with a bridge, stone paths and several small waterfalls.
tea gardens are blended with japanese gardens will feel cool if you apply
garden decoration inspiration for your home can bring the japanese rock garden
Japanese Inspired Garden with Stone Trellis and Maple Tree Pagodas
walking gardens are also very typical in Japanese designs with this will look arranged and pleasing to the eye
You can try backyard Waterfall Pond with Japanese Maple Trees and Bronze Crane Statue in your garden
if you want to bring waters to your garden, you can add bamboo fountains
wooden bridge made out of bamboo wood asian architecture in a green garden
These so-called bamboo bridges and statuettes are common in Japanese can be applied to your garden
fairly common in many Japanese households
You can also apply the element of ‘Wabi-Sabi’.
many of the elements and features described will look beautiful and beautiful
You can try Japanese zen garden with plants, stone in raked sand in your garden

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This flower looks beautiful when spring comes because it looks bright
This plant is also suitable if you present it in your garden in large quantities because it will look beautiful
this flower produces a white color on the tree trunk when spring arrives
You can present this green plant in the garden to combine other plants in the garden
This beautiful plant that produces soft pink flowers is very beautiful
this plant is also suitable for you to present in the garden will look beautiful when spring comes

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